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Your ECommerce Guide to Maximizing Holiday Sales

Your ECommerce Guide to Maximizing Holiday Sales

September 19, 2023

VinesOS E-Commerce Tools to Ensure You Are Ahead of the Curve

1. Be the early bird that gets the worm

Get your promotional plan in place. Start putting out social media and email teasers to be at the forefront of your consumers' purchasing journey this season.

2. Get Personal

Personalization and loyalty building are paramount during the holidays! Connect with your most valued customers. Reward loyal customers with special discounts or early access to holiday sales. Harness the potential of CRM tools to track these loyal customers easily.

3. Tactfully Start Filling the Inbox

Craft compelling email marketing campaigns, including holiday-themed content, special offers, and exclusive discounts for your customers. You can also segment your Mailchimp lists for more targeted messaging.

4. Prior Proper Planning

Plan your inventory carefully to avoid overstocking or running out of popular items. Use historical data and demand forecasting tools to make informed decisions.

5. Ship Smarter

Communicate clearly about shipping deadlines, costs/promotions, and delivery times.

  • Promotions: Get creative with shipping deals. Consider offering a promotion for shipping included with one flat rate annual fee. Or establish a flat shipping rate based on the club level.
  • Snippets: Use snippets at the top of your shop page to offer shipping promotions or deadlines.
  • Emails: Take advantage of default emails to communicate essential shipping timelines. For instance, the last day to order for ground shipping or the last day to order gift baskets that will arrive on time.

6. Become a Gifting Guru

Utilize the Gifts section on your Shop homepage to prominently display all the items you wish to highlight and promote in your gift shop.

  • Gift Clubs: Establish a "Holiday Gift Club" program for the recipient to enjoy for one year. Extend an invitation to the gift recipient to become a permanent member, complete with automated reminders to join once their gift membership concludes.
  • Holiday Packages & Bundles: Leverage the VinesOS Gift Bundling functionality to craft personalized holiday gift assortments that may consist of wine, beer, and other merchandise. Assign an exclusive price to these bundles for both members and guests.
  • Gift Cards: Great for those who cannot decide what to give and are perfect as a last-minute offering.

Take advantage of the tools and strategies at your fingertips to make this holiday season a resounding success. Stay proactive, personalized, and prepared to boost your sales online.

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