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Why Are Online Customers Abandoning You?

Why Are Online Customers Abandoning You?

October 10, 2023

Consumers ultimately choose the path of least resistance when buying online. They prefer to purchase with trusted merchants and seek a seamless checkout process; otherwise, you risk losing their business. Focusing your strategies on keeping your most loyal customers will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. Not only are you more likely to consistently sell to existing customers, but your profitability increases as well. In the wine industry, the art of customer retention through clubs has been finely tuned —a pledge of repeat purchases from the same customer, time and time again.

Modern Consumers Seek Modern Commerce

However, for today's modern consumers, the allure of traditional wine clubs has evolved beyond conventional confines. Historically, such clubs were designed to contain specific wine quantities delivered at predetermined intervals for fixed costs. Wineries are now exploring innovative incentives to cultivate and sustain customer loyalty. What, in this current commercial landscape, are the perks that resonate most with consumers?

How Shipping Rates Play a Major Role in Winery eCommerce Success

When a consumer contemplates a doorstep-delivered product, the primary reason they might abandon their shopping cart often boils down to unexpectedly high shipping fees. A UPS study revealed that customers are more than twice as likely to make a purchase from a merchant who offers hassle-free returns and straightforward flat-rate shipping. Customer satisfaction thrives when there are no surprises in the form of shipping costs at checkout.

Loyalty Building Wine Club Strategies

One effective strategy to ensure recurring purchases involves a club structure with an annual fee, primarily designed to include shipping costs. Alternatively, offering flat-rate shipping rates based on club types can be equally compelling. For instance, a top-tier club could feature a lower flat-rate shipping charge as a notable advantage over the others.

The Proof Is In the Pudding

Moersch Hospitality Group, a successful group of wineries in Southwest Michigan, embraced the annual fee concept wholeheartedly a few years ago. Their primary enticement includes shipping for a modest annual fee of $99. They have further sweetened the deal with member privileges, such as VIP event access, preferential pricing, and complimentary tastings. Nevertheless, the focal point unequivocally remains the inclusive shipping component.

Their remarkable success is encapsulated in the words of Jessica Schueneman, Sales Director at Moersch Hospitality Group: 

“Vineyard Premier is our move from the traditional wine club to a flexible way to serve our members. Customers get the wines they want when they want them, delivered to their door while saving money. Has it been a success?  We believe so — membership grew 800% in our first year rolling out Vineyard Premier”. 

–Jessica Schueneman, Sales Director, Moersch Hospitality Group

Maximizing Customer Loyalty and Sales During the Holiday Season

Once you've engaged your customers, maintaining their loyalty and ensuring a seamless purchasing experience becomes paramount to avoid any last-minute hitches that could impede a sale. Are you ready to take advantage of the peak season to engage consumers with opportunities like Black Friday and  Cyber Monday?  As the holidays approach, a strategic approach to shipping will undoubtedly play a crucial role in converting shoppers into loyal purchasers.

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