About Us

Our Values

We are a small but agile team. We lean in, listen to our clients, and work hard to provide the best, most comprehensive platform on the market. We have not only groundbreaking products but also practices. Our fingers are on the pulse of all things tech around e-commerce, clubs, loyalty, and the alcoholic beverage industry. But we're not just following the trends; we're creating them. Our purpose comes to life by making a powerful impact.

Responsiveness: Our utmost priority is delivering exceptional customer service. The proof is in the pudding: our customer satisfaction ratings averaged over 98% in 2023.

Transparency: We provide 100% upfront and transparent fees, no post-registration surprises for add-on app costs, support, set-up charges, or 3rd party fees.

Integrity: VinesOS is a mature platform backed by seasoned industry veterans with US-based Support. It is 100% independently owned and operated, built from the ground up for over 20 years, with zero equity or investors. And it works.

Sustainability: We build feature options to help the planet, minimizing environmental harm. Inquire how to qualify for the VinesOS Sustainability Program, where we give incentives to wineries to adopt and evolve practices to contribute to restoring the environment.

Hit the ground running and grow your revenue

Transition quickly and easily with our intuitive, easy-to-use onboarding guide and
exceptional white glove account management and tech support.

Do it all with VinesOS

VinesOS gives you a 360° view of your DTC sales. Manage all your channels in one winery software platform. Get insights on sales by location, channel, products, and customer. You can do it all with VinesOS!