About Us

Our Values

We are a small but agile team. We lean in, listen to our clients, and work hard to provide the best, most comprehensive platform on the market. We have not only groundbreaking products but also practices. Our fingers are on the pulse of all things tech around e-commerce, clubs, loyalty, and the alcoholic beverage industry. But we're not just following the trends; we're creating them. Our purpose comes to life by making a powerful impact.

Responsiveness: Our utmost priority is delivering exceptional customer service. The proof is in the pudding: our customer satisfaction ratings averaged over 98% in 2023.

Transparency: We provide 100% upfront and transparent fees, no post-registration surprises for add-on app costs, support, set-up charges, or 3rd party fees.

Integrity: VinesOS is a mature platform backed by seasoned industry veterans with US-based Support. It is 100% independently owned and operated, built from the ground up for over 20 years, with zero equity or investors. And it works.

Sustainability: We build feature options to help the planet, minimizing environmental harm. Inquire how to qualify for the VinesOS Sustainability Program, where we give incentives to wineries to adopt and evolve practices to contribute to restoring the environment.

Our Team

Jules Robbins

Founder & CEO

Jules Robbins is the Founder & CEO of VinesOS. After years of working for the tech giants AOL, Netscape, and Yahoo!, she set off to follow her dreams. Her passion was to create a Direct-To-Consumer platform for a unique vertical at the heart of California -- the wine industry -- lending her expertise from the top ladder of Corporate America to a sector that significantly needed powerful, innovative, and modern technology. Jules has privately funded and led VinesOS for over 20 years. Today, VinesOS continues to accelerate and improve how wineries manage direct-to-consumer experiences. Jules lives in San Jose, CA, and when not working, enjoys getting outdoors, wine tasting with friends, and cheering at her daughter's waterpolo games.

Andrew Viktorov

Head of Engineering

Andrew Viktorov is the Head of Engineering for VinesOS. He has been the heart of the code since 2009 and always has his finger on the pulse of modern technology. Andrew is ready for the challenge, whether it is new Customer Loyalty Programs we are creating from the ground up, Personalization algorithms, Stripe integrations, GooglePay and ApplePay, and so much more. He is part of the team that works behind the scenes to help launch unique new features to wineries each month. Andrew and the team help us push the needle and drive innovative features, whether with new APIs and integrations or custom developments. When not busy crunching code, Andrew enjoys biking, hiking, and traveling with his wife.

Kristen Muir

National Sales Director

Kristen Muir is a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Business graduate and WSET Advanced Certificate holder with over 15 years in the Bev Alc industry. Her range of experience across various sectors brings unique insight. She directed national sales for an importer/distributor on the East Coast for years before growing sales in California at a Napa Valley winery. Transitioning to the tech side three years ago, she now serves as the National Sales Director for VinesOS and regularly supports CEO Jules Robbins in highly attended speaking sessions across the U.S. Kristen is passionate about fine wine and is consistently focused on consumer connection strategies. She lives in Southern California and regularly hikes with her husband, two children, and a mutt named Nacho.

Mark Frey

Account Manager

Mark Frey holds a BS in Industrial Technology and has extensive experience in web-based operations and technologies. Mark’s core skills are process optimization, web design, and project management. Mark’s web design background means that he is always keeping an eye on the user experience and process flow, all while being able to come up with creative, value-added improvements with the VinesOS team. As an operations professional, Mark ensures that things run smoothly, and he creates operational strategies to keep our clients on-track. Mark is a native to the Central Coast of California, and an avid wine enthusiast, surfer, and mud racer.

Renan Carvalho

Senior Developer

Renan Carvalho is a developer who’s passionate about creating new things through modern technologies and solid development processes; he brings new functionality and features to life that make our customers’ daily lives easier.
If Renan didn’t work with software development, he would certainly spend the day programming because it’s what he likes to do most! As part of our development team, Renan is always on the lookout for new trends and technologies to apply to his code. When not working, Renan is usually with his family, having fun with his daughter, or playing video games, like any good geek!

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