Vines OS is a feature rich, modern, easy-to-use POS, with full club integration.

Modern: Say goodbye to archaic cash register systems and legacy, POS architecture platforms. You don’t need expensive hardware. “It just works” – any device, any platform. In the cloud, so you can access your important data from anywhere.

Contactless: No cash or cards needed, use the member card on file during checkout on the Vines POS.

Affordable: We’re leveling the playing field. Without taking away the features you need to help you grow.

Smart: It’s time to get to know your customers, right when they are in front of you. Add a customer to the order, and right away know what club they are in, their lifetime value with you, and their favorite wines.

Revel Systems integration

Revel is the #1 rated, fastest and most feature-rich iPad-based POS platform on the market. Vines OS has a real-time two-way sync of customers, members, orders, products, inventory and discounts. Club orders go in real time to the iPad so when your members come in to pickup, the order is there and the pickup status syncs back.

Vines OS is seamlessly integrated with Revel POS to synchronize:

                            • orders
                            • products
                            • inventory, including multiple location
                            • members and customers
                            • discounts
                            • events
                            • club orders for pickups

All this means you get a 360 degree view of your customers buying behavior and loyalty. Within Vines OS you can see your customer loyalty across all channels — ecommerce, wine club, events, and POS.

24/7 Phone Support

The Revel 24/7 Support team will assist with any and all questions about the system. Revel works hard to make customers’ lives easier. Support representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist and help answer questions any time of the day. Submit a support ticket through your POS or call it in. The Revel reps can even troubleshoot remotely to determine where the source of problems are and address issues and questions immediately.


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