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Jules Robbins WebCraft web design

Jules Robbins


With more than 20 years’ experience in web design and development, Jules is passionate about all things web and wine. Prior to founding Vines OS in 2002, Jules was an executive producer at AOL and Netscape and a senior producer at Yahoo. After departing corporate America, she set out to make a difference in people’s lives at a more personal level, and to do something she really cared about. Today, Vines OS continues to grow, impacting and changing the way wineries do business.

When not working, Jules can be found helping her daughter search for fairies or expand her Lego empire, or enjoying a home-cooked meal and a nice bottle of wine with her husband.

Andrew, Yevgeniy and Julia

Development Team

Andrew, Yevgeniy and Julia are the team that work behind the scenes to help bring new features to life each month. Through new engineering efforts and quality assurance testing, the team helps us push the needle, making it easier for you to run your business faster and smarter.

Annette McClure

Project Manager

Annette is passionate about the wine industry and has an extensive background in website maintenance, marketing, communication, customer service and human resources. She has worked at Apple, Decathlon Club, Santa Clara Swim Club, Mountain View Volleyball Club and Athena Camps. She was a collegiate volleyball player and sports has been a part of her life since youth. Her interests include date nights with her husband, and spending time with her daughter, Sierra and son, Cayden. She also loves wine tasting, watching football, dinner with friends, and playing!


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We love solving club and ecommerce challenges for wineries, wine bars, and breweries. We can talk ecommerce and club in our sleep. We enjoy tasting our clients wine, and love getting out to nearby vineyards, tasting rooms and wineries. When we’re in your part of the world, we promise to come taste and say hello!