Club Software You Can Count On

Are you spending weeks trying to manage your wine clubs? We can help!

Simplify your process of running your clubs. With Vines OS, you just add your clubs and create a shipment. Print your shipping labels and track it all the way through to fulfilment.

Grow Your Wine Club

When guest visitors are buying online, Vines OS promotes conversion to membership. It shows buyers how much they would save by becoming a member and allows a one-click sign-up during checkout. Capture a sale and grow your wine club simultaneously and effortlessly.

Advanced Club Features

With experience helping clients grow their clubs since 2002, Vines OS has advanced features to help you manage and increase your club revenue.

Gift clubs – prepaid or ongoing gift club memberships

Customer choice clubs – members can login to change their club orders.

Member only wines – set wine available for sale only for members

Member signup on checkout – customers can join the club during checkout – online or on POS.

Manage Declines

Embedded dunning control for decline management as well as Decline Minimizer cuts down on the time you spend calling members for declined credit cards.


Custom Clubs

Invite your members to customize their club shipments. Just create the club orders, then send out an email campaign to invite your members to log in, or call in,  to update their wine club shipment. Good for you; Good for your members.

Gift Club Memberships

Increase your membership by offering Gift Clubs. Members can buy the gift that keeps on giving and keep your wines on their family and friends tables all year long.

Email tools built in

Stay in touch easily with your members. Let them know about the upcoming release or pickup party. Filter for the club, or choose all clubs, compose your email, preview and send. All communications are logged directly on the member record. We use Mailchimp servers to guarantee the highest rate of delivery.


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