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The Future of Wine Engagement

The Future of Wine Engagement

The wine industry has kicked off the new year with many publications and organizations promoting the importance of a brand story to connect with the modern consumer. Wine America has released a campaign to focus on the 'Magic of Wine,' with regular contributions emphasizing the enchanting aspects of the industry. Jim Trezise, President of Wine America, encourages wineries to broadcast the magic of wine with a heightened focus on the narrative behind each bottle. This campaign addresses concerns over effectively marketing to younger generations and consumers shifting to alternative categories or abstaining. 

VinesOS has strategically partnered with wineries in the last year whose modern approach to engaging with consumers reaches multiple generations. From Napa Valley, Olivia Brion bonds with consumers by sharing uplifting stories highlighting trailblazing women. Her unique approach has recently been acknowledged as a “Hot Brand” in Wine Business Monthly.

 In Tin City, Paso Robles, the newly opened Ultima Tulie represents a love for exploring nature and living life with purpose. Owner/winemaker Cameron Stoffel highlights the importance of VinesOS as a support system for growing his highly acclaimed brand, “I'm not sure if opening our very first brick and mortar or partnering with VinesOS was more exciting. They both go hand in hand”.

Online Features to Support Storytelling

In 2024, VinesOS is poised to support wineries in refining their storytelling sales strategy, recognizing the growing consumer desire for a meaningful connection to wine. VinesOS facilitates direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, particularly online, through user-friendly filters conveniently located on the left sidebar of the shop page. Wineries can showcase crucial aspects of their brand that resonate with consumers, creating custom filters with tags such as 'Sustainable,' 'Low-Alcohol,' 'Winemaker Favorites,' and more.

While the browsing experience should undoubtedly be seamless, the most crucial part of the customer journey is at the point of purchase. At this stage, the story and brand image have been conveyed. The winery eagerly hopes to connect with the consumer continuously and obtain repeat purchases. VinesOS has a fast and easy checkout cart designed to promote loyalty. A convenient "Join Club" button is included in the online checkout for a frictionless experience. Additionally, VinesOS offers clients the option to promote traditional clubs (with a set frequency, cost, and quantity) and creative loyalty programs like subscriptions and annual fee-based programs for flexibility with consumer preferences. 

Tasting Room Features to Connect in-Person 

VinesOS provides valuable customer insights on the Point-of-Sale (POS) system for in-person interactions, accessible to every staff member. Within the customer profile, staff can see a customer’s favorite wines and a list of recommended wines based on their purchase history. This feature allows wineries to tailor their stories and wine offerings to individual interests, recognizing that today's consumers, across all generations, seek a personal connection with the wines they choose. 

Every wine button on the POS has a heart icon for staff members to tap to view similar wines. Staff members are encouraged to continue the narrative and increase every consumer's connection with the brand. 

VinesOS also provides readily available QR codes for each wine. Whether the tasting room is bustling with activity or the bottle is enjoyed at home, consumers can quickly scan the QR code to explore more about the vineyards, winemaking, and wine profile.

Cameron Stoffel adds to the importance of VinesOS in the launch of their new tasting room, ”VinesOS has proven integral to the successful launch of our new Ultima Tulie Tasting Room, enhancing daily operations with its user-friendly POS interface and quick access to reports and product settings. The responsiveness and support from the VinesOS team have been exceptional. Their willingness to adapt and implement enhancements aligns well with Ultima Tulie's evolving needs as we continue to grow and scale our business. They care about us, and we are proud to use their software”. 

In the current competitive environment, enhancing engagement and establishing brand equity holds greater significance than ever. Wineries adopting a storytelling approach to elevate feelings of familiarity, regard, meaning, and uniqueness for consumers stand an excellent chance to capture the attention of the 90% of consumers who make decisions based on these powerful emotions. Jules Robbins, CEO of VinesOS, underlines the software platform’s dedication to artisan wineries, "In 2023, VinesOS expanded with notable wineries in emerging markets. We aligned with passionate winemakers who produce great wine and focus on how wine can stimulate a deeper human connection. We prioritize developing software features that support them in cultivating sales driven by their incredible stories.” 

VinesOS helps wineries adapt to the evolving industry, providing a user-friendly platform for building and maintaining strong connections with consumers, both online and in person.

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